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Who We Are

Acucare Health Strategies has been a trusted resource serving the home health industry nationwide since 1994. As a Center of Excellence for Home Health and Hospice Consulting, we provide clients with solutions and strategies that ensure superb patient care, regulatory and clinical compliance, and profitability, giving clients a distinct competitive advantage.

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See what our clients say

“This team has billed 2,700+ claims in a 60 day (holiday) period with some claims as old as 1 year. All of this happened in the midst of a major billing system conversion. This is almost an unimaginable accomplishment and impressive to say the least”

“Acucare has been a lifesaver for me. I have owned and operated a Home Health Care Agency since 1991 and added Medicare Certification in 2009. I decided to outsource my agency’s Medicare billing so I could concentrate on building the agency Medicare contacts. Upon doing my due diligence I contacted 4 billing companies and was most impressed with Acucare due to their response time, friendly attitude, and terms of agreement. If I ever have a question that one of the Acucare representatives cannot answer the CEO will personally return my call with the answer. Acucare’s employees are all extremely knowledgeable, helpful and have been patient with my learning curve on the new Medicare rules and regulations.

I would highly recommend Acucare to any Home Health Care Agency. Outsourcing billing allows an agency to remain compliant, concentrate on growth, and receive higher return of payment due to expert billing.”

“It is with highest regard that I recommend Acucare Health Strategies. My small company was struggling to survive when I was referred to Acucare for consult. The advice they gave was pertinent and extremely helpful. With their guidance we were able to trim costs and increase revenues while maintaining the top-notch patient care we desired. We also employed their billing services which enabled us to plan for growth without the extra expense of adding billing staff and overhead. The service they provide is most excellent. I found them to be completely trustworthy and customer friendly. In my estimation they went above and beyond what was required of our working-relationship to see that our company succeeded. It is without reservation that I provide this testimonial for them and highly recommend them to others.”

We had a conflict between our clinicians describing how sick our patients were and yet our case mix weight was very low. To begin to see where the issue lies, we utilized Acucare to verify our coding staff was coding properly, which was helpful for our auditors to see as well. Another benefit of this relationship is to provide a backup to our staff in the event that one of our coders needs to be off. I would highly recommend Acucare as their professionalism and turnaround time are exceptional!

Under Acucare’s leadership, we have observed significant and steady progress toward meeting our services and financial goals.

We appreciate the detailed documentation related questions posed by Acucare. This enabled our clinicians to use it as a learning tool and they see the appropriateness of the questions being asked. The operations staff is a gem, constantly evolving processes and easing the administrative burden on our end.

I want to extend a warm thank you to Acucare and the entire team. They have been of immense help and are very accommodating. Thanks so much!

” I cannot say enough good things about Acucare. They do our billing and also worked on revenue recovery for us. They do a wonderful job and are very easy to deal with. I would highly recommend them.”

Insights and Updates

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